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When other options are no longer available, implants provide the smile you seek.

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With all implants, every patient needs a 3D scan to properly plan their implant.  This scan shows so much more any regular X ray.  This is an amazing new technology we’re proud to offer and allows us the ability to provide a much more accurate and precise result.  Also to see other areas of the mouth and possibly diagnose something hiding or in other areas.

Implants are now used for tooth replacement, when before only bridges and partial dentures were available.  If a tooth becomes too severely damaged to repair due to decay, trauma or improper care a decision may be made to employ one of the various implant options.  These are a more involved treatment in comparison to a cavity, filling or root canal treatment but allow you to retain quality dental health.


When you have a single missing tooth from birth or you had to have your tooth extracted. An implant is usually the best option to give you back your tooth and keep balanced chewing. When you lose a tooth, it puts more pressure on all of your other teeth to do more work. By replacing a missing tooth we take the strain away from the surrounding teeth and restore a more healthy bite. Implants are typically used for 1-3 missing teeth in the same area.


If you are missing more than a few teeth in one area then an implant bridge is a good idea to minimize your costs and maximize your chewing capability. We will discuss options during your exam and work with you to ensure the best overall result.


Some people have allergies to metal, even medical grade titanium can cause issues with their immune system. Titanium implants have been the standard for many years, but can cause issues for those with metal allergies. We’re happy to offer another option of a metal free implant. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. West to find out if this the right choice for you.


When you have many broken and hopeless teeth or you have had a denture that just isn’t right. A hybrid can be used and sits on multiple implants and is secured into position and is not removable. The teeth are very natural looking and very strong, unlike your denture that can break if you drop it. This is the closest and most realistic to natural teeth. It is a more expensive option but when it comes to how you look, feel and eat; eating and functioning like real teeth is well worth the cost.


When you have a denture that is loose, locator implants can help stabilize your denture and make it tighter. These have a male and female attachment that locks your denture into place providing stability so you can eat a wider variety of foods.

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